All (hopefully) notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, This project does not yet adheres to Semantic Versioning as the API is evolving and MINOR patches may be backwards incompatible.



  • New parameters for fine-tuning the API responses, &extend[]= and &embed[] #2531

  • Parameter value origin_citation via &extend[]= to all basic GET /object(/:id) requests #2531

  • Parameter value pinboard_item via &extend[]= to all basic GET /object(/:id) requests #2531

  • Parameter value citations via &extend[]= to all basic GET /object/:id requests #2531

  • Parameter values roles and documents via &extend[]= to /sources(/:id).json #2531

  • Parameter values protonyms and placement via &extend[]= to `/combinations(/:id).json #2531

  • Parameter values parent, otus, roles, ancestor_ids,children,type_taxon_name_relationshipvia&extend[]=to/taxon_names(/:id).json #2531

  • Parameter values level_names, geographic_area_type, parent via &extend[]= and shape via &embed[]= to `/geographic_areas(/:id).json #2531

  • Parameter value subject, object, biological_relationship, family_names via &extend[]= to `/biological_associations(/:id).json #2531

  • Parameter value citation_object, citation_topics, source, target_document via &extend[]= to `/citations(/:id).json #2531

  • API route /taxon_names/parse?query_string=Aus bus for resolving names to Protonyms

  • Parameter value roles via &extend[]= to /collecting_events(/:id).json #2531

  • Param to isolate TaxonName smart select to Protonym if optional


  • Ordering of GeorgaphicArea autocomplete results. Used areas and areas with shape are prioritized

  • Basic (REST) endpoints send less information, use &extend[] and &embed[] to return more #2531

  • Numerous tasks updated to use the new REST pattern

  • Objects in basic show/index JSON endpoints are represented by their metadata, rather than all their attributes in many cases now #2531

  • Metadata in extensions does not cascade and return metadata of metadata #2531

  • JSON smart selector data (/sources/select_options) includes base attributes, not metadata #2531

  • Updated corresponding ap1/v1 endpoints to use the &extend[] pattern for /otus, /taxon_names, /combinations, /sources, /citations (in part) and biological_associations to match the new parameter values above

  • API /api/v1/biological_associations uses metadata for related objects

  • Optimized Source smart selection queries

  • Added option in DwC importer to specific the dataset type (defaults to auto-detection).


  • Failure when setting up namespaces in DwC importer with datasets having unnamed columns

  • Namespace settings are not cleared when unmatched and re-opened in DwC Import #2586

  • scientificNameAuthorship parsing issues in DwC importer #2589

0.20.1 - 2021-10-15


  • Added missing OTU soft_validation for protonym

  • Added recent values on keywords

  • Added Attribution attributes to /images API show responses

  • API /images can return images by image_file_fingerprint (MD5), in addition to id


  • Updated author string for misspellings

  • Removed footprintWKT from DwcOccurrence. It will be re-instated as optional in the future.

  • Removed GeographicArea from consideration as a georeference in DwcOccurrence

  • Changed associatedMedia format, pointed it to

  • Removed redundant 'Rebuild' button from Browse collection objects


  • DwC Dashboard past links are properly scoped

  • DwC Dashboard graphs show proper count ranges

  • DwC archive no longer truncated at 10k records

  • OccurrenceID was not being added to DwcOccurrence attributes in all cases #2573

  • Observation matrix show expand was referencing the wrong id #2540

  • Copy pasting into verbatim year with alphanumeric gives error even though numeric are all that are visible in New taxon name #2577

  • Record doesn't sync/update the list in OTU quick forms #2576

  • TIFF images are not visible in filter image task #2575

  • Repository input shows value, when not set #2574

  • Images don't load after expand depictions sections in comprehensive task

  • DwC occurrences importer being too strict when checking against existing nomenclature #2581

0.20.0 - 2021-10-12


  • Task DwC Import for importing DwC Archive files

  • Task DwC Dashboard facilitating DwCA download, metadata reporting, and “health” checks #1467

  • Updated framework for producing and downloading DwC Archives (DwCA) #1775

  • Increased from 21 to 53 the number of fields referenced in the (DwCA) dump, including identifiedByID and recordedByID #1269

  • Auto-generation of UUIDs for instances that don't have global identifiers during DwcOccurrence record building #2186

  • Wikidata (Q) and ORCiD support for people references in DwCA dumps

  • Georeferences can have Confidences assigned to them #1772

  • CSL style 'taxonworks.csl' used as the default style for displaying sources #2517

  • Custom CSL citation support for reference formating (see styles at bottom of select format list). New .cls submitted via issue tracker and integrated to source.

  • New .csl style 'world_chalcidoidea_book.csl“

  • BibTeX fields support verbatim values using “{}” for fields otherwise processed in BibTeX sources (e.g. author)

  • New specs for rendering Source citations

  • &extend[] and &embed[] helper methods for REST responses #2532

  • A new soft validation option to auto fix for objective synonym that must share the same type

  • Add Download, Full size and Radial navigation buttons in Image viewer #2423

  • Endpoint /tasks/dwc/dashboard/index_versions returns the dates at which DwcOccurrence indexing was modified. !! TODO: update date of merge.

  • Endpoint /dwc_occurrences/metadata, for stats on the state of DwcOccurrence index

  • Endpoint /dwc_occurrencs/predicates to return a list of Predicates used on CollectionObjects and CollectingEvents

  • Endpoint /dwc_occurrences/status to check whether DwcOccurrence records are up-to-date

  • Endpoint /dwc_occurrences/collector_id_metadata to check whether People referenced in DwcOccurences have GUIDs

  • Task on Administration panel, “Reindex”, with (temporary) options to re-index small blocks of DwcOccurrence records

  • Button on CollectionObject filter to download filter result as DwC Archive #1303

  • User can select a corresponding Person as their data representation (facilitates Identifiers for Users) #1486

  • Centroid index on GeographicItem

  • Field total_records on Download

  • Index on polymorphic fields of DwcIndex (e.g. faster queries to CollectionObject)

  • Index on data_origin for GeographicAreasGeographicItem

  • Identifiers for AssertedDistributions

  • Various relationships enabling the joining of DwcOccurrence directly to other classes of data (e.g. Georeferences)

  • Isolated Georeference related utilities into their own module CollectingEvent::Georeference

  • A Taxonomy module that caches classification values, used in CollectionObject, and Otu

  • Methods to return when a record attribute was updated (e.g. verbatim_locality changed), and who did it for Papertrail including classes of data

  • Methods to handle multiple classes of globally unique identifiers on DwcOccurrence records

  • Pattern for isolating modules that aid DwC serialization per class of data

  • Optimized to_wkt to quickly return well-known-text for geo-shapes (in part, #2526)

  • New subclass of UUID Identifier::Global::Uuid::TaxonworksDwcOccurrence

  • Clarified, viageoreferenceSources and georeferenceProtocol why there are many decimal points in DwC latitude/longitude referencing fields #915

  • Option to rebuild single DwcOccurrence record for CollectionObject #2563

  • Ability to show observation matrices > 10k cells in size [#1790]

  • Rake task to rebuild source cached

  • Add download and radial buttons for image viewer in filter image


  • Downloading formatted sources with mixed types (BibTeX/Verbatim) failed #2512

  • Collection object filter type material param

  • Taxon name filter type metadata param fails #2511

  • Cloning a collecting event fails #2533

  • Modified recordedBy fields to only reference collector #2567

  • Many TDWG gazeteer references will now be properly categorized into state and country labels #2542

  • In Browse Nomenclature removed link to self for invalid taxon names with no synonymy #2327

  • Add missing original citation to synonym names in CoLDP export #2543

  • Uniquify people slow when many roles present #2528

  • Match combination when protonym has synonym relationships [#2525]

  • TaxonNameRelationsip type_method returns nil properly on unmatched types [#2504]

  • Taxon determinations list in comprehensive task

  • The clone button doesn't trigger update taxon name after authors were cloned [#2513]

  • Georeference count in new collecting event task #2519

  • Autofocus in New taxon name task #2523

  • Geographic area counts as georeference. Soft validations are sometimes loaded before saving georeferences #2519

  • import_dataset_id parameter persist on after resetState in DwC Importer #2529

  • Updated Ruby gems and Node packages

  • In project button #2530

  • View image matrix is passing wrong ids [#2537]

  • Observations with depictions sometimes are removed after move a depiction #2549

  • Relationship facet in Filter nomenclature

  • Determiner facet (param) in Filter collection objects

  • Verbatim year input allows alphanumeric numbers in New taxon name

  • Labels list renders for those linked to objects, or not


  • Radial annotator Tag form uses a Keyword smart selector #2564

  • DwcOccurrence is rebuilt/refreshed each time Browse Collection Object is hit

  • footprintWKT is hidden in Browse CollectionOjbect #2559

  • Tweak geo coordinate matching on verbatim labels

  • Year suffix, stated year, language, translated title and notes added to bibliography rendering via to_citeproc

  • Removed label_html from /people responses

  • /people JSON param from &include_roles=true to &extend[]=roles

  • Prefer project sources in source autocomplete

  • Status name 'not for nomenclature' changed to 'not in published work'

  • Year letter is no longer appended to year in BibTeX exports

  • Include project's name in CoLDP exports filename #2509

  • Implemented STI for downloads #2498\

  • Upgraded gnfinder gem that makes use of new REST API

  • Refactor help code

  • Unified various DwC value returning methods in their own explicitly named extensions

  • Isolated CollectionObject filter and API param handling to their own module for reference in multiple controllers

  • DwcOccurrence individualCount is now Integer

  • Database ConnectionTimeoutErrors now result in a 503 response rather than a raise/email-warning

  • Added various :inverse_of across collection objects related models

  • DwcOccurrence#individualCount is integer now

  • Simplified SQL for ordering GeographicArea shapes

  • Tweak validation of ORCIDid format

  • Move autocomplete and lookup keyword to CVT controller #2571

  • Task Content by nomenclature can be customized by selecting a Topic

  • Remove identifier section in New type specimen

  • Nill strings (“u0000”) are stripped from fields before writing

0.19.7 - 2021-09-09


  • Add link to new type specimen task from type material form

  • Export Observation::Media depictions as proxies for Otu depictions in NeXML #2142

  • Protonym verbatim_author parens should be properly closed when present #2453

  • Protonym verbatim_author can not contain digits (like years) #2452

  • Generic date field component #2451

  • New taxon determination component

  • Smart selectors in asserted distribution and biological association quick forms.


  • Cleaned up taxon name navigator appearance

  • Destroying a loanable object destroys corresponding LoanItems automatically #2319

  • NeXML image URLs use shortened URLs

  • Reorder date fields in comprehensive, extract and new collecting event tasks #2450

  • Set Vue 3 reactive vuex state in comprehensive store, removed unnecesary mutations and getters

  • Updated Ruby gems and Node packages

  • Bumped database_cleaner

  • Upgraded to ruby 6.1 #2474

  • Remove Taxon determination slice from OTU quick forms(Radial object)

  • Set active author tab in New taxon name #2461

  • Moved data-project-id to project name

  • Moved collection object soft validations in comprehensive task #2491

  • Remove reactivity in map component. Maps should render much faster now


  • Tazon name hierarchical navigation broken #2487

  • CollectionObject filter type material facet bug

  • Trim buttons in comprehensive task

  • Trip code fields are empty after save.

  • Confidence button

  • spring not working on MacOS. Now RGeo/Proj is warmed up at initialization time

  • Combination preview label in New combination task

  • Smart selector is not refreshing after save #2468

  • Group and formation fields in comprehensive task

  • Changed date label #2473

  • Warning message persists when date exists in User facet #2480

  • Collection Object TODO List Task does not append right identifier number #2486

  • Loan item checkboxes reset when loan items “Updated” #2492

  • Loan item “select/deselect all” buttons missing after vue 3 migration #2493

  • Checkbox unbinding is not synced with update in Loan task #2495

  • Filter collection objects shortcuts

  • Fix identifier update in new type specimen task

  • Radial menus are inheriting CSS properties in some cases #2505

  • Taxon determinations list in comprehensive task

0.19.6 - 2021-08-20


  • New namespace task #1891

  • Taxon determination list lock button in comprehensive task #2088

  • Add elevation accuracy parsing for verbatim labels #2448


  • Date fields order in comprehensive task

  • Auto advance date fields in comprehensive task

  • Changed checkbox label sortable fields to reorder fields #2442

  • Modified behaviour of Source autocomplete and pattern for limiting results

  • Removed deprecated Travis CI files.


  • Source autocomplete exact ID was not prioritized and/or skipped

  • Keyboard shortcuts modal reopens when closing help #2436

  • Title attribute contains html tags on citations in browse OTU

  • Increment identifier in CO editor keeps number of leading zeros, changing length of number #2435

  • Collecting event lock in comprehensive task

  • Georeferences are not locked with collecting event #2449

  • Elevation not being parsed from labels properly #2447

0.19.5 - 2021-08-18


  • Content smart selector

  • Biological association list lock button in comprehensive task

  • Dynamic shortcuts for radial annotator and radial object. Shortcut is the first letter of the slice


  • Replaced panels with modals in Content editor task

  • Soft validation panel in new type specimen task

  • Replaced create predicate with link to project attributes customization page in custom attributes section #2426

  • Editing from Browse Collecting Event now redirects to Collecting Event task.


  • Create georeference from verbatim does not take uncertainty into account #2421

  • Cannot edit Georeference uncertainty in New collecting event task #2420

  • Georeference edit/delete button does not show up immediately on creation #2422

  • Unable to create a type specimen with an existing collection object

  • Catalog number is not updating after selecting another type specimen

  • Duplicate verbatim georeference on generate label in New collecting event and comprehensive tasks [#2427]

  • Biological association list persist after save and create a new collection object in comprehensive task

  • Comprehensive specimen task reset button adds false history entry in browser #2432

  • Whitespace chars in label preventing georefs to be properly parsed #2415

  • Rubocop broken settings

  • Extra semicolon in collecting event label when verbatim locality is blank

0.19.4 - 2021-08-13


  • Geographic areas not scoped in Georeferences pane until georeference added #2408

  • Georeference from previous collecting event shows up on new collecting event #2411

  • Fix biological associations in comprehensive form

  • Removed events for links in radial navigation #2412


  • Storage for PDF viewer

0.19.3 - 2021-08-10


  • Added soft-validation for loan if no docummentation

  • Added validation on 5 date fields in the loan, setting the priority of events.

  • Added search on alternative title in the Sorce autocomplete

  • Pdf icon in citation by source

  • Cancel function for http requests

  • Edit mode for contents in Quick forms #2385

  • Soft validation for collection object, type material, biological association, georeferences and taxon determinations in comprehensive task [#2396]

  • Pinned icon for images in radial annotator #1919


  • Biological association link_tag entities not metamorphosized #2392

  • Updated sorting for sources in autocomplete. Sources used in the same project are prioritized

  • Updated sorting for people in autocomplete. People used in the same project are prioritized

  • Autocomplete in Interactive key task

  • Copy and clone option in Matrix Row Coder

  • Edit biological associations form, broken HTML and fields incorrectly mapped #2370

  • Hidden pin and lock icons in asserted distribution quick form

  • biological_association_link helper

  • Confidence button

  • Dynamic rows/columns are not destroyable #2375

  • Asserted distribution edit view #2371

  • Missing citation and soft validation icons in New asserted distribution task

  • Typo preventing labels listings from working

  • Refresh summary in data view after use radial annotator

  • Collecting event soft validation in comprehensive task #2091

  • Missing param for BibTex #2397

  • Citation source not added to project if already in another project

  • Incorrect TypeMaterial type type validation for ICN #2378


  • Biological association links now link to subject, association (click middle) and object

  • Sort property, name to cached in Filter nomenclature #2372

  • Replaced property verbatim_author to cached_author_year for csv download #2373

  • Refactor notification code, replaced jQuery for js vanilla

  • Keyboard shortcuts code, replaced jQuery with vanilla JS

  • Pinboard code, replaced jQuery with vanilla JS

  • Annotations code, replaced jQuery with vanilla JS

  • Dropzone timeout #2384

  • Edit link redirect to new collecting event task #2387

  • Edit link redirect to comprehensive specimen digitization #2394

  • Add source to project when tagged #1436

  • Updated Ruby gems and Node packages

  • Updated ruby gems

0.19.2 - 2021-07-27


  • OriginRelationship display in Browse collection object #2362

  • Accession/Deaccession section in Collection object match task #2353

  • Similar objects section in MRC

  • Soft validation in Edit/new matrix task

  • Update download form [#2335]

  • Check and question icons


  • Upgraded from Ruby version 2.7.3 to 2.7.4

  • Updated ruby gems

  • Object validation component


  • Autocomplete in Interactive key task

  • Copy and clone option in Matrix Row Coder

  • Edit biological associations form #2370

0.19.2 - 2021-07-27


  • OriginRelationship display in Browse collection object #2362

  • Accession/Deaccession section in Collection object match task #2353

  • Similar objects section in MRC

  • Soft validation in Edit/new matrix task

  • Update download form [#2335]

  • Check and question icons


  • Upgraded from Ruby version 2.7.3 to 2.7.4

  • Updated ruby gems

  • Object validation component


  • Help plugin

  • Original relationships in Collection object quick form

  • CO Quick forms in comprehensive specimen digitization #2354

  • Biological associations in OTU quick forms

  • Update type species in new taxon name task

0.19.1 - 2021-07-15


  • Autogenerated description for OTU based on observation_matrix

  • Description section in Browse OTU

  • observation_matrix_id param in Browse OTU task

  • Description in Matrix row coder


  • Update per value from 5 to 500 in citations controller #2336

  • Updated ruby gems

  • Upgraded biodiversity gem to 5.3.1 (uses named params)


  • Show selected options for biological associations in comprehensive specimen digitization task #2332

  • Option to hide “Attributes”, “Buffered”, “Citations” and “Depictions” sections in comprehensive specimen digitization task #2333

  • Missing fields in comprehensive form

  • Fields not showing in “original combination and rank” section in New taxon name #2346

0.19.0 - 2021-07-08


  • Added new ICZN status: Invalid family group name due to synonymy of type genus replaced before 1961

  • Edit image matrix and view image matrix in observation matrices dashboard

  • WTK component in comprehensive digitization form #2245

  • Add invalid relationship checkbox on clone button in New taxon name task #2171

  • Download PDF button for documents in New source task #2102

  • Padial annotator for sources in New asserted distribution task #2105

  • Radial annotator for references in Browse Nomenclature/OTU tasks #2103

  • Depict person in New image task #2321

  • Move to person option for Depictions slice in Radial annotator

  • Sort by nomenclature in edit/new observation matrix task #1748

  • Added authors facet in Filter nomenclature task

  • Citations panel for Collection object section with lock option in comprehensive specimen digitization task [#2328]


  • Updated ruby gems

  • Migrate Vue 2.6 to Vue 3.1.4

  • geographic_area_ids to geographic_area_id in collection objects controller

  • Manage synonyms display only one level children in New taxon name #2213

  • Filter status and relationships according nomenclatural code in Filter nomenclature task #2157

  • User facet data range now allows to search for both criteria (updated_at, created_at) #2317


  • Updated author string for botanical names

  • Timeline rendering error in Browse OTU

  • Fix wildcard by attribute in Filter collection object

  • Confidences modal height in radial annotator #2304

  • Fix empty search in Filter collection objects

  • Clean documents list on reset in New source

  • Missing hexagon soft validation in comprehensive specimen digitization task

  • Match by collection object is and tag creation in Collection object match

  • Destroy container when all other objects in container are deleted #2322

  • Clicking on “Tag” in Filter collection objects does not add tag #2323

0.18.1 - 2021-06-09


  • Params for /api/v1/images/ #1906

  • Params referenced in /collection_objects to /collecting_events

  • /api/v1/taxon_name_classifications/ endpoint #2276

  • /api/v1/taxon_name_relationships/ endpoint #2277

  • TaxonName cached_is_valid boolean, takes into account Relationships and Classifications

  • Status to TaxonName autocomplete #2086

  • otu_filter param to interactive keys task

  • Radial annotator in New extract #2272


  • Fix for author string for unjustified emendation

  • Scope has_many related data to project properly #2265

  • Refresh event for smart selectors #2255

  • Edit type material in comprehensive form #2253

  • Reset selected ids on new search in observation matrices dashboard

  • Tiff images are not render on image viewer

  • Removed reachable byebug call

  • Protocol not displayed after select it #2279

  • image aspect ratio in Transcribe depiction trask #2273


  • Unify Task Collecting Event filter look/feel #2203

  • Params to /taxon_name_relationships, see #2277

  • CoL Data Package scoping updates

  • Removed incompatible identifier object type check for Identifier filter concerns

  • Unified some CollectingEvent filter param to singular pattern (collector_ids, otu_ids, geographic_area_ids)

  • Plural params for identifiers API endpoint merged to array single form. e.g., identifier_object_ids[]=47&identifier_object_ids=2232 => identifier_object_id[]=47&identifier_object_id=2232. #2195

  • Updated Ruby gems and node packages

  • that_is_valid scope now references cached_is_valid #2242

  • that_is_invalid scope now references cached_is_valid #2242

  • calculated_valid replaces that_is_valid #2242

  • calculated_invalid replaces that_is_invalid #2242

  • remove unused TaxonName#cached_higher_classification

0.18.0 - 2021-05-14


  • Added destroyed_redirect to object radial JSON

  • “Not specified” facet to Filter nomenclature #2226

  • New extract task interface #1934

  • citation experiment /api/v1/cite/count_valid_species?taxon_name=Pteromalus #2230

  • jsconfig.json for Visual Studio Code

  • Image matrix viewer in Image matrix

  • Image matrix button in observation dashboard task

  • Image matrix link in Interactive keys task

  • Export scss vars to javascript

  • Pagination count in Filter nomenclature

  • OTU depictions column on view mode in Image matrix task

  • Grid table component

  • SVG Icon component

  • OTU depictions draggable in image matrix

  • Observations depictions in Browse OTU

  • Ctrl/Alt + V shortcut for New Collecting event in Comprehensive task #2248

  • Zoom button in comprehensive form


  • CollectingEvent autocomplete/object_Tag only shows verbatim lat/long

  • Removed allow_destroy from object radial JSON

  • Made returning count from /controlled_vocabulary_terms optional # @jlpereira Potentially UI breaking check for use, and add &count=true to request if required

  • Removed quantification fields from Extract

  • Warning message on nuke action in Grid digitize task #2229

  • Upgraded from Ruby version 2.7.2 to 2.7.3

  • Upgraded to Node 14 LTS

  • Updated Ruby gems and Node packages

  • node-sass to dart-sass

  • Refactor image matrix edit table

  • Webpack configuration to export sass vars

  • Images size in image section on Browse otu


  • JSON for geographic area parents (no parent raise)

  • Hide soft validation section if is empty in New collecting events task

  • 404 error when deleting records from data interfaces #2223

  • Rank order on New combination preview

  • Redirect after destroy a combination #2169

  • Drag and drop depictions in Image Matrix

  • Georeference error message in comprehensive task #2222

  • Number of uses not displayed in Uniquify people task #2219

  • SVG Image box in comprehensive [#2262]

0.17.1 - 2021-04-30


  • Moved endpoints to own model file

  • Permit params on client side

  • OTU picker on new observation matrix #2209


  • Frame overlaps in interactive key task #2202

  • Parse coordinate characters on comprehensive and new collecting event tasks

  • Hide row/column panel on new observation matrix

  • Soft validation section is always visible #2211

  • Ambiguous column problem in query for previous/next collecting event navigation.

  • Merge people count #2218


  • Replaced 1KB minimum image file size restriction with dimensions check (16 pixels minimum each) #2201

  • Switch selector on new observation matrix

  • Increment pdf filesize to 512MB #2212

  • Updated gems and npm packages

0.17.0 - 2021-04-23


  • Adds SoftValidation component with fix buttons, and wrench (goto fix) links #207

  • Database index on Identifiers#cached

  • Tests for base #next/#previous #2163

  • create_backup_directory flag to create backup directory if it does not exist for taxonworks rake tasks requiring backup_directory.

  • Edit inline options on edit/new loan task #2184

  • Shortcut legend on new taxon name task

  • Help tip and placeholder for definition in Manage controlled vocabulary task #2196


  • Bad project_token to API should not raise

  • Descriptor::Qualitative destruction destroys rather than raises when character states unused.

  • Previous navigation #2163

  • Documenting source doesn't add source to project #2172

  • Added missing params biocuration_class_ids and biological_relationship_ids to collection_objects_controller filter params. [skip-ci]

  • incorrect author string for misspelled combination is fixed

  • Missing data migration for ObservationMatrixColumnItem::SingleDescriptor to ObservationMatrixColumnItem::Single:Descriptor

  • Show observation matrices count on radial object #2158

  • Overflow on New observation matrix #2168

  • Clear geographic area after reset #2174

  • PK sequence not set up properly on project export

  • Local identifiers' cached values not being updated when updating namespace #2175

  • Uncertainty sign not populating in label #2109

  • Pressing the reset button doesn't reset the by attribute facet in Filter collection object [#2180]

  • Fix routes in edit/new observation matrices task #2198


  • Refactor SoftValidations and params including specs #1972

  • Removed legacy non TaxonWorks agnostic import rake tasks (moving to their own repos)

  • Updated script predicting masculine, feminine and neuter species name forms

  • Changed how GeographicArea#find_by_lat_long is built (UNION, not OR)

  • Changed TaxonName string for superspecies names

  • Updated y18n node package to version 4.0.1 #2160

  • Replaced Canvas for SVG radial menu

  • Close radial object after select a matrix on observation matrices slice #2165

  • Radial menu slices position

0.16.6 - 2021-03-26


  • Community stats for /api/v1/stats #2061

  • Add by-project param for /api/v1/stats #2056


  • browse_otu_link handles nil #2155

0.16.5 - 2021-03-25


  • softvalidation fix for transfer of type species into coordinate subgenus

  • Link from Browse colleciton object to Browse OTU for current OTU det #2154

  • Collection object filter params for preparation and buffered fields #2118

  • Added soft_validations and fixes for coordinate name citations and roles.

  • /collection_objects/123/navigation.json route/view

  • Determination, OTU and repository smart selectors on New image task #2101

  • Georeferences coordinates in label generate on New collecting event #2107

  • Lock buttons on New image #2101

  • Open PDF slider in all tabs #2106

  • TaxonName autocomplete by internal id

  • bind alt/ctrl + f to focus the search autocomplete #2132

  • Annotations on Browse nomenclature

  • Collectors facet on Filter collection objects task

  • Preview use panel on Manage controlled vocabulary #2135


  • Renamed -otus_redirect to browse_otu_link

  • Updated Protonym.list_of_coordinate_names query. It helps for soft validation.

  • Nexus output file was modified to present full name of the of the taxon. TNT export was not changed.

  • Lock background color #2112

  • sortArray function now return a natural sort

  • Open confirmation modal and focus new button on New taxon name

  • Next and previous links for id and identifier on comprehensive task [#2134]

  • Determiner facet on Filter collection objects task

  • Updated gems (bundle update without altering Gemfile)


  • updated softvalidation for non binomial names

  • updated label for species-group rank TaxonName

  • Compute print column divisions with barcode style labels #1993

  • Object tag for TaxonNameRelationship inverted #2100

  • Collection object filter, collecting event related params were not being passed #1807

  • Collection object filter with/out facets, in part #1455

  • CoLDP missing values for names without original combinations #2146

  • Multiple parent OTUs via parent_otu_id raised in CoLDp export #2011

  • Not being able to get pinboard items on some circumstances

  • Request-URI Too Large loading georeferences on Browse OTU

  • Tab order near parent when name is pinned #2130

  • Spinner in distribution section on Browse OTU

  • Destroying a container goes to 404 page #2133

  • Missing Determiner param #2119

  • Refresh status and relationship list on rank change #2010

  • Remove map shapes after reset form on Filter collection objects

  • Disabled Create georeference from verbatim button when latitude and longitude are not available #2152

  • Fix create determinations and biocurations before turn off the spinner #1991

0.16.4 - 2021-03-09


  • Multiple presnece/absence params for collection objects filter #2080

  • Buffered field facets for collection object #1456, #1835

  • Filter collection objects by determiner (Person) #1835

  • Tag smart selector on create collection object in New collecting event task #2066

  • Year field on person source in new source task

  • Create new biocuration and in relationship links in filter collection object

  • Determiner in filter collection object

  • HEIC image format support

  • PDF drop box on new source task #2094

  • Confirmation modal to clone source #2099

  • Smart selector on attributions in Radial annotator #2081


  • Soft validation scope for AssertedDistributions not scoped to taxon #1971

  • Uniquifying 2 people attached to the same source raises #2078

  • Render Source::Human cached with year, udpate citation_tag #2067

  • Qualitative states in matrix row coder order correctly #2076

  • Better source cached filter wildcards #1557

  • Observation matrices hub link #2071

  • Refresh button component #2085

  • Update comprehensive url #2096

  • /units.json called 2x #2089

  • Edit error radius of a georeference in new collecting event task #2087

  • Previous and next navigate navigation links #2039


  • Now using ImageMagick 7 instead of 6

  • Production and development docker images are now based off a single base image

  • Development docker environment uses rvm instead of rbenv (matching version manager that has been used for production)

  • Updated npm packages

0.16.3 - 2021-02-26


  • Additional date recognition format in date RegEx

  • Pagination on Browse Annotations #1438

  • New combination for subgenus #748

  • Warn about unsaved changes on Accession metadata #1858


  • eventDate/eventTime output format not being ISO8601-compliant #1939

  • Some value label in Filter sources

  • Dropzone error message

  • Redirect to Image Matrix on OTU Radial #2033

  • Race condition problem when generating dwc_occurrences indexing


  • Pagination in Filter sources

  • Replaced geckodriver-helper with webdrivers gem

  • Improvement sort table on collection object, source and nomenclature filters

0.16.2 - 2021-02-18


  • Additional date recognition format in date RegEx

  • Fields with/out some value facet for Source filter #2023

  • Keyword params to TaxonName API

  • Adds database index to Sour title, year, author

  • Keyword and/or logic in Tag facets (throughout) #2026, #2032

  • /ap1/v1/stats endpoint #1871

  • papertrail.json?object_global_id=

  • Quick label on collection object quick form #2003

  • Lock biological relationship in radial object [#2036]

  • Confirmation popup to delete a type material in comprehensive

  • Tag facet to filter nomenclature #2047


  • Checkmark on verbatim should visible only

  • Updated gems (bundle update without altering Gemfile)

  • Updated node packages (npm update without altering packages.json)

  • Changed verbatim author for cached_author_year in filter nomenclature

  • Keywords styled after choice in Tag facet

  • Keywords removed from all list after choice in Tag facet


  • Model LoanItem - Tagged batch adds tag, not object #2051

  • Prevent non-loanable things being loaned #2043

  • ancestors param properly permitted TaxonName api/filter

  • TaxonName#name allowed spaces #2009

  • Fix help tip of pinboard navigator shortcut

  • Generate label button #2002

  • Save collectors in new collecting event task #2016

  • Fix image viewer on filter image task

  • Image caption modal size #2030

  • Set created loan object #2042

  • Refactor edit load items #2044

0.16.1 - 2021-01-26


  • Missing depiction_object_type on New image task #1995

  • Sort case-insensitive #1985

0.16.0 - 2021-01-25


  • New collecting event task #1530

  • “Quick” collection objects options from new collecting event task

  • New WKT georeference inputs

  • Auto-georeference and date Collecting Events by depicting images with pertinent EXIF data

  • Route linting specs

  • Generate label (alpha), pastes values into print label input

  • Collecting event navigation options (next/previous with/out <many things>

  • Nested_attributes for Labels

  • Collection object/and collecting event navigation options/bridges

  • /collecting_events/preview?<filter_params> a preview look for brief tables

  • Subclasses for labels:Label::QrCode, Label::Code128

  • Include rqrcode, barby for barcode rendering

  • Add label attribute to Label JSON response that renders QR code

  • Add accommodation for printing pages of barcode-based labels

  • Add Georeference::Wkt an anonymous WKT based georeference assertion

  • Add option to disable name-casing when Person is created from /people/new #1967

  • Full CASTOR (taxon names batch load) example template, CASTOR preview notices

  • New ICZN class added: NoDiagnosisAfter1930AndRejectedBefore2000 for family-group names

  • Add image attributions, original citation and editor options in image viewer #1978

  • Browse current OTU button in Browse OTU


  • Moved buttons in collecting event on comprehensive task #1986

  • Improved collecting event status in smart selector on comprehensive digitization

  • Some tasks route names were “malformed” and renamed

  • ENV variableTAXONWORKS_TEST_LINTING=true must now be true, not anything, to trigger linting specs

  • Setting Identifier#cached uses a build getter to enable Label building

  • Georeference validation requires CollectingEvent (enabled by proper use of :inverse_of)

  • Tweak to how pinned? is calculated trying to eliminate database calls

  • Minor cleanup of batch preview layouts

  • Changed softvalidation message for names being on Official ICZN lists

  • Fetch codecov, seedback and closure_tree gems from RubyGems.

  • Updated gems (bundle update without altering Gemfile).

  • Remove no_leaves= true from taxon name on filter images task #1953

  • Turn off autocomplete feature on vue autocomplete #1956

  • Limited CoLDP exports runtime to 1 hour and 2 attemps.

  • Turn off autocomplete on new taxon name task

  • Replaced display name attribute for object_label in parent autocomplete on New taxon name task

  • Filter task by name only [#1962]

  • Search geographic area by verbatim coordinates on new collecting event

  • Show coordinates from verbatim georeference

  • Parsed verbatim label to fields

  • Parsed EXIF coordinates to verbatim fields

  • Changed autocomplete label #1988

  • Using newer biodiversity gem from official source

  • Updated gems (bundle update without altering Gemfile)


  • CoLDP [sic], errant chresonym, and basionym ids for misspellings

  • Loan items reference proper housekeeping in table

  • Line links of batch-preview results

  • broken API download link for exported references #1908

  • removed BASIS task stub #1716

  • /api/v1/notes project scoping #1958

  • is_community? reporting false for some models without project_id

  • New source after cloning not display changes on authors / editors lists

  • Edit taxon name firing multiple updates when updating gender #1970

  • Correct image size on image viewer

  • Save pages before clone person on new taxon name #1977

  • Correct count display of attributions #1979

  • Uncheck collecting event option #1980

  • Trip Code/Identifier not visible in header of Edit collecting event #1990

0.15.1 - 2020-12-14


  • Person can not be active for > 119 years

  • Show buffered values in Task - Browse collection objects #1931

  • Default pin button on Uniquify people task

  • Checkbox to Select/unselect all match people on Uniquify people task #1921

  • Pixels to centimeter on new image task


  • Clean timeline display in Task - Browse collection objects

  • db:seed displays password for created users and adds admin to Default project #1913

  • Start date needs to be set before set end date on Housekeeping facet

  • Bump node package ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.7


  • CVT smart selectors/pinboard scope broken #1940

  • Image filter ancestor_id was to be taxon_name_id or taxon_name_id[] #1916

  • Bad Image select_option sort #1930

  • Housekeeping filter params now less restrictive #1920 PENDING UI TEST

  • ShallowPolymorphic called in .json form #1928

  • Documentation of param names, examples, for the “CASTOR” taxon name batch load #1926

  • tw:db:load task not handling settings reliably. #1914

  • Set pulse attribute true on radial annotator for object with annotations on data views and Browse nomenclature task

  • Invalid attribute :note in Note API result view.

  • Malformed PDF exception handling in Document model.

  • Clipboard copy shortcut

  • Source hub link on Citations by source task

  • Clean content editor after change a topic

0.15.0 - 2020-11-30


  • Export project database task #1868

  • Additional collecting methods recognized from the collecting event label

  • Added content filter, API endpoints #1905

  • New greatly simplified controller concern ShallowPolymorphic for handling link b/w shallow routes and filters

  • Note filter improvements, specs, new params, API exposure [#XXX]

  • person#sources has_many (very slight potential for issues)

  • Multiple new people filter params, see lib/queries/person/filter.rb #1859

  • People can be Tagged

  • Added image filter #1454

  • Added image smart selector #1832

  • Added pixels_to_centimeter to images #1785

  • PENDING TEST - API - sort (with classification, alphabetical options) to /taxon_names #1865

  • Taxon determination, citations and collecting event information in specimen record on browse OTU

  • Serial facet on filter sources

  • Pulse animation for radial annotator #1822

  • OTU column in asserted distribution on Browse OTU #1846

  • Radial annotator on Uniquify people task

  • History title on Browse nomenclature

  • otu_ids param on Image matrix task

  • Open image matrix button on Interactive keys task

  • Citations on image response

  • View mode on image matrix

  • Lock view option for smart selector

  • Sortable option to lock column/rows on edit/new observation matrix task #1895

  • Media Descriptor support on Matrix Row Coder #1896

  • Free Text Descriptor support on Matrix Row Coder #1896

  • Search source on New source task #1899

  • Link to Browse OTU on New asserted distribution task #1893

  • Link to Browse OTU on comprehensive specimen digitization #1889


  • Potential issue (may be others) with CoLDP raising in the midst of large exports

  • People filter role + name #1662

  • Fix family synonym validation [#1892]

  • Fix matrix view row order #1881

  • CVT view helper bug with predicates

  • Fixed database seeding bugs.

  • Fixed display problem of OTUs without taxon name on Browse OTU

  • Edit asserted distribution on quick forms

  • Reference overflow on Browse nomenclature

  • Date requested filled automatically #1872

  • Remove collecting event on comprehensive specimen digitization #1878

  • Loan smart selector DB query.

  • Label overlap on menu on observation matrices view #1894

  • Remove repository on comprehensive specimen digitization #1897


  • change the order of TaxonName softvalidation to bring the duplicate message on the top

  • tweaked CoLDP reified id concept and use

  • removed most_recent_upates from Content params

  • removed /contents/filter.json endpoint, use /contents.json

  • Deprecating Concerns::Polymorphic for ShallowPolymorphic, in progress, see Notes controller

  • Note filter params query_string => text, note_object_types[] => note_object_type[], note_object_ids[] => note_object_id[], added corresponding non-array versions

  • Moved levenshtein_distance to Query for general use

  • Remove people/123/similar endpoint (used /index)

  • Person filter person_wildcards is person_wildcard

  • Person filter behaviour vs. levenshtein_cuttof

  • cached_valid_taxon_name_id updated for combination after valid status is assigned.

  • updated soft validation for 'Uncertain placement'

  • [sic] changed to (sic) for misspelled bacterial names

  • Additional date and geographical coordinate formats added to the Verbatim label RegEx parsers

  • Observation matrix could be resolved without observation_matrix_id, only with otu_filter

  • Running rake db:seed without user_id/project_id is now possible.

  • Disabled hamburger menu when no functionality behind it on Browse OTU #1737

  • No longer needed set user on User facet in filters

  • Autocomplete label for original combination on New taxon name task

  • Changed “n/a” to combination label on Browse nomenclature

  • Create original citation in image matrix task

  • Autocomplete list style

  • Edit button color on type material species task #1898

  • GitHub Actions used as main CI/CD provider

  • Updated vulnerable node packages #1912

0.14.1 - 2020-10-22


  • API - type to /roles/:id

  • API - year to /taxon_names

  • API - include_roles param to /people

  • API - taxon_name_author_ids[]=, taxon_name_author_ids_or params to /taxon_names

  • API - collector_ids[]=, collector_ids_or params to /collecting_events

  • Shape on asserted distribution list #1828

  • Row filter on Interactive keys task

  • Interactive keys and image matrix buttons on observation matrix dashboard


  • Wrong param attribute in topic smart selector on radial annotator #1829

  • Show repository on Browse OTU

  • Enable search after fill collecting event fields #1833

  • Missing geo_json param on geographic_area request #1840


  • Exclude Roles from response from /api/v1/people by default

  • Increased max_per_page to 10000

  • Random words clashes mitigation: Project factory names made longer and Faker unique generator is reset only between specs instead of before each test.

  • Removed pages field on topic section

  • Improved verbatim date parsing

  • Georeference scope over geographic area scope #1841

0.14.0 - 2020-10-16


  • Added additional date recognition format for RegEx

  • Added OTU filter in the interactive key API

  • Collecting Event API endpoints

  • Collection Object API endpoints

  • Biological Assertion API endpoints

  • Asserted Distribution API endpoints

  • New Otu API params

  • People filter API endpoints #1509

  • Identifier filter API endpoints #1510

  • Source filter API endpoints #1511

  • New Interactive Key task #1810

  • New model for matrix based interactive keys which produce JSON for the Interactive Key task #1810

  • weight field to descriptor

  • Ancestors facet on filter nomenclature #1791

  • TW_DISABLE_DB_BACKUP_AT_DEPLOY_TIME env var to disable built-in backup functionality at deploy/database-update time.

  • Display coordinate type specimens #1811

  • Changed background color header for invalid names on Browse OTU

  • Taxonworks version in header bar when not running in sandbox mode


  • Fixed radial navigator broken for some data #1824

  • Fixed IsData position #1805

  • Collecting event object radial metadata settings

  • Webpack resolved_paths deprecation warning

  • Missing /otus/:otu_id/taxon_determinations route

  • tw:db:restore task not picking up database host settings

  • Create citation on new combination without pages

  • Param descriptor id on new descriptor task #1798

  • Filter by user on filter nomenclature #1780

  • Optimized selector queries for Loan model


  • Fix original author string for Plant names

  • Additional date format added for date recognition RegEx

  • Removed some attributes from api/v1 endpoints to simplify responses

  • type_materials/:id.json includes original_combination string

  • CoLDP references are full cached values, not partially passed

  • Combination nomenclatural code inference drawn from members, not parent

  • Some nomenclature rank related simbols moved to constants

  • Load Images for coordinate OTUs #1787

  • Extended New Image task upload timeout from 30 seconds to 10 minutes

  • Updated rgeo-proj4 gem

0.13.0 - 2020-09-22


  • Removed forced dependency on google-protobuf gem

  • Updated gems

  • Browse OTU page unifies coordinate OTUs for Asserted Distribution and Biological Associations #1570

  • Handling for new unicode minutes, seconds symbols #1526

  • Descriptor object radial paths

  • Many specs related to dynamic observation matrix items

  • Improvements to Descriptor autocomplete labels #1727

  • Added rake tw:maintenance:otus:missplaced_references #1439

  • Pdf viewer button on Documentation and Source views #1693

  • Spinner for when converting verbatim to bibtex #1710

  • Set OTU in determination when otu_id param is present on comprehensive task

  • “Create georeference from verbatim” button in Parsed column on comprehensive task

  • Sortable order for Type material, Biological association and Determinations on comprehensive task

  • User facet on Filter nomenclature task #1720

  • Pagination on Filter noemnclature task #1724

  • Biological associations filter on Browse OTU


  • AssertedDistribution filter otu_id and geographic_area_id can now also take array form, e.g. otu_id[]=

  • Preload all CSL styles via fixed constant, increasing boot speed #1749

  • Return value format for Utilities::Geo.distance_in_meters changed from [Float] to [String]

  • Data migration updating all type column values for matrix row/column items

  • Tweaked JSON attribute response for matrix rows and columns very slightly

  • Updated observation item types to properly nest them, inc. all downstream changes (Factories, etc.)

  • Unfied matrix hooks in various places

  • Updated some matrix related routes to point to tasks

  • Updated respec matrix tag to observation_matrix

  • Methods that write to cached should not fire callbacks, potential for #1701

  • Using custom geckodriver-helper for Firefox 80 support

  • Override browser shortcuts on task hotkeys #1738

  • Biological associations section on Browse OTU

  • TW now supports Postgres 12 #1305

  • Replaced biodiversity with custom gem repo using IPC with gnparser processes

  • Updated gems

  • Character “΄” also accepted as minute specifier in coordinates parsing.


  • Fixed LOW_PROBABILITY constant message

  • Matrix rows/items prevent OTU (and collection object) from being destroyed #1159

  • Scope of dynamic taxon name row item #1747

  • Processing of values (in distance_in_meters) to limit significant digits of results of unit conversions. Decimal degrees not affected at this time. #1512

  • Character state order not correct in Nexus format #1574

  • Not able to destroy matrix rows or matrices #1520, #1123

  • Dynamic observeratoin matrix items not properly scoped/behaving #1125

  • Destroy pdf pages before create new ones #1680

  • Serial multiple updates did not update bibtex author field #1709

  • Fix (likely) for pinboard items failing to remove #1690

  • Better response for failed collecting event cloning #1705

  • Cleaned up deprecated biological associations graph autcomplete #1707

  • Colliding namespace method for identifiers breaks identifiers list #1702

  • Graceful failed serial destroy response #1703

  • Restored Show -> edit link #1699

  • Enable search button after pick a collecting event date on Filter collection objects task [#1728]

  • Misppeling collecting_event_ids parameter [#1729]

  • Non-original combination authorship lacking parentheses #1686

0.12.17 - 2020-02-02


  • Successfull source destroy message

  • Pending - Definition field to BiologicalRelationship model and views #1672

  • New button to (attempt to) convert verbatim sources to Bibtex via Crossref

  • Model methods and attribute to change Source Verbatim to Bibtex #1673

  • DOMPurify package to sanitize html

  • List all Keyword and Topics in smart selector on filter source #1675

  • Added data links tool in markdown editor (Ctrl/Alt-Shift-L) #1674

  • Definition field on composer biological relationship task #1672


  • Unified can_destroy/edit methods

  • Improved Source autocomplete with metadata/markup #1681

  • Changed CoLDP download to use Catalog::Nomenclature as name source

  • Replace SimpleMDE for EasyMDE

  • Sort alphabetically bibliography style list on filter source

  • Removed limit of download bibtex on filter source #1683

  • Disable/enable destroy button from metadata on radial navigator #1696


  • Non admins not able to destroy shared data #1098

  • Pending confirmation: Include original combinations in CoLDP #1204

  • Pending confirmation: Include forma/variety properly in CoLDP #1203

  • Docker: Fixed path typo on clean up command

  • Tag button on filter source #1692

  • Overflow in taxon names list in new taxon name #1688

  • Confidence button overlapped in new combination #1687

0.12.16 - 2020-08-24


  • Highlight metadata that is not in this project in uniquify people task #1648

  • Locks buttons on grid digitizer task #1599

  • Option to export styled bibliography on filter sources task #1652

  • Edit button in content section on radial object #1670


  • Drag button style on new taxon name #1669

  • Removed SimpleMDE lib from ruby assets and added to npm dependencies

  • Allow taxon name type relationships to be cited #1667


  • BibTex html no longer escaped #1657

  • Some of the elements of the form are not accessible on overflow. #1661

  • Populate masculine, feminine and neuter on gender form #1665

  • Markdown render on Browse OTU #1671

0.12.15 - 2020-08-18


  • Sqed hook initiated with String, not Class #1654

0.12.14 - 2020-08-17


  • Help tips in comprehensive specimen digitization task

  • Help tips in new source task

  • Type section in Browse OTUs task #1615

  • Automatically filter sections by taxon rank in Browse OTUs task

  • Rank string in browse nomenclature

  • Pinboard navigator (Ctrl/Alt + G) #1647

  • Filter by repository in filter collection objects #1650

  • Hotkey for add element to pinboard (Ctrl/Alt + P)


  • Collectors order in comprehensive specimen digitization

  • Losses data of etymology form after set a gender

  • Autocomplete component not encoding query params properly

  • Random RGeo deserialization errors #1553


  • New combination redirect to the valid name #1639

  • Rename comprehensive specimen digitization task card

  • Updated chartkick gem #1646

  • Improved verbatim date and geographic coordinates recognition

  • Improved soft validation messages for coordinated species-group

0.12.13 - 2020-08-04


  • Delete confirmation for original combinations #1618

  • Delete confirmation for type specimens in new type specimen task

  • Check if already exist an asserted combination with the same otu and geographic area in new asserted distribution task #1329

  • Modal on duplicate original citations in radial annotator #1576

  • Soft validations component for citations in radial annotator and tasks #1552

  • Redirect to valid name in browse nomenclature #446

  • sessionStorage for browse nomenclature autocomplete #446

  • Observation matrices in radial object #1527

  • Comprehensive task to taxon name radial #934

  • Map on OTU radial in asserted distribution form #856

  • Pin objects from list in filter sources

  • Checkbox to make document public on list in radial annotator

  • Title legend for “make default” icon in pinboard slide

  • Checkbox to alternative between AND/OR filter for authors in filter sources

  • Lep staged 2 layout for staged images #1635


  • Use amazing_print instead of awesome_print gem

  • Cleanup and add spec basis for nomenclature tabular stats queries

  • Improve/unify image modal #1617

  • Replace repository and source autocompletes for smart selectors in new type material task

  • Changed autosave behaviour in new asserted distribution task

  • Gender list order in new taxon name task

  • Page range soft validation message made less strict

  • Original citation-related UI text

  • Moved taxon name input search to right column in new taxon name

  • Persons autosave in new taxon name

  • Updated elliptic node package. #1632


  • Flip object to subject label on type section in new taxon name task

  • Shapes are possible to drag even if this option is not set up

  • Columns size of georeference table #1622

  • Webpacker host and port bind on docker container

  • Wrong taxon name relationship soft validation message for genera

  • Modal confirmation its not displaying in manage synonyms section #1627

  • Manage synonyms includes combinations #1628

  • Recent and per params in source filter and controller

  • Missing ZIP dependency for docker images

  • Attempting to return geographic areas in OTU smart selector on certain conditions

0.12.12 - 2020-07-22


  • Seeing OTUs in Recent that do not belong to project #1626

0.12.11 - 2020-07-14


  • Type material designations are now grouped by collection object in Browse OTUs (refs #1614)


  • Protonym parent priority soft validation #1613

  • Type specimens count in Browse OTUs task

  • Attempting to update containers as if them were collection objects in Grid Digitizer task #1601

0.12.10 - 2020-07-07


  • Smart selection source on new combination and citations annotator

  • Parsed verbatim label on comprehensive specimen digitization task

  • Soft validation in timeline on Browse OTUs #1593

  • Topic facet in Filter Sources task #1589

  • Counts on type specimen and specimen records sections on Browse OTUs

  • Collecting method parsing in verbatim label text


  • Replaced vue-resource package by axios

  • Disabled parallel upload on new image task #1596

  • Default verbatim fields order on comprehensive specimen digitization

  • Set radius error in verbatim georeference #1602

  • Timeline filter.

  • Missing High classification ranks on classfication autocomplete on new taxon name #1595

  • Date and geo-coordinates parsing improvements

  • Also update cached taxon name fields when Adjective or Participle is selected

  • Repositories and Serials smart selectors' recent entries optimizations


  • Filter collecting events was passing a wrong (changed name) parameters and structure for maps and geographic area

  • Not showing up people list after a crossref source #1597

  • Scroller in georeferences map modal

  • Grid Digitizer task failing to update containerized specimens matched by identifiers #1601

  • Specimen not associate with genus after create it in type section on new taxon name #1604

  • Volume field only accepted numbers #1606

  • Smart selectors not remove the previous selection after press new on New source task #1605

  • Georeference methods latitude returning longitude and longitude latitude

  • Smart selector overrides custom list after lists are loaded #1608

  • Duplicate shortcut, using the same one for comprehensive specimen digitization and clipboard #1612

  • Typo in taxon name relationship soft validation message.

0.12.9 - 2020-07-01


  • Endpoint for verbatim label parsing (dates and geographic coordinates)


  • Display [sic] on misspellings of family-group full taxon names


  • Containerized objects not showing up together #1590

  • Citations by Source task not loading taxon names list #1591

0.12.8 - 2020-06-29


  • Set autofocus on source and geographic area in OTU radial asserted distribution form

  • /otus/123/coordinate.json endpoint - all OTUs coordinate with this one (refs #1585)

  • Autosave on new asserted distribution task


  • Unauthorized json response

  • Better error handle for vue-autocomplete

  • Replaced old method to handle ajax call in all tasks

  • Updated relationships filter param on new taxon name task (refs #1584)

  • ControlledVocabularyTerm model no longer requires SKOS with URI (refs #1562, #1561)

  • Improved sorting of objects in the Browse Nomenclatue task

  • Updated dwc-archive gem to version 1.1.1


  • Topic select_optimized controller method crash

  • Recent list of biological associations not working due to the use of incorrect table

0.12.7 - 2020-06-26


  • Taxon name status and relationships soft validations display in Browse Nomenclature task

  • Interface to select OTUs and create rows in Observation Matrices Dashboard task

  • Autosave system in New Taxon Name task (refs #649)

  • Etymology filter in Nomenclature Filter task (refs #1549)

  • Added new shortcuts for Comprehensive Digitization, New Type Specimen, New Taxon Name and Browse Nomenclature tasks

  • Classification section in New Taxon Name task

  • Spec to test md5 of multi-line verbatim labels (refs #1572)

  • Display classifications alongside relationships in Browse Nomenclature task

  • Add children and add sibling buttons in New Taxon Name task (refs #1503)

  • Link to create new serial on smart selector of New Source tast

  • Semantic section coloration in Browse OTU task (refs #1571)

  • Rank prediction in New Taxon Name task (refs #1054)


  • Optimized recently used geographic area and sources search

  • Improved part of speech and etymology soft validation messages

  • Year suffix and pages are now also used when sorting citations in Browse Nomenclature task

  • Replaced old geographic area smart selector with newer version

  • Swapped 'Masculine' and 'Femenine' positions in New Taxon Name task (refs #660)

  • Replaced uses of find_each with each (refs #1548)

  • Refactored New Taxon Name front end code

  • Display text of some taxon name relationships

  • Autocomplete visible in all tabs of smart selector

  • OTU autocomplete searches now also matches by common names (refs #869)

  • Browse Taxa task renamed to Browse OTU

  • Using unreleased closure_tree code from official repo to address deprecation warning messages

  • “valid by default” no longer displayed when a relationship exists in New Taxon Name task (refs #1525)

  • Improvements in BibTex and New Source task UI

  • Improvements in role picker and smart selectors in Comprehensive Collection Object Form and New Source tasks

  • Optimized some filters for some smart selectors (refs #1534)

  • Smart selector for sources no longer ordered by name

  • Some minor UI tweaks in some places

  • Updated ruby gems


  • Recently used objects code on some models

  • Collection Object Filter task not filternig by type material type (#1551)

  • Forms not being cleared when pressing new on Compose Biological Relationships task (#1563)

  • Not getting the full list of topics when clicking all in Radial annotator -> Citation -> Topic (#1566)

  • Showing name instead of the short name in Radial Annotator -> Identifiers -> Preview (#1567)

  • create button keeps disabled when creating a new citation fails in Radial annotator -> Citation (#1568)

  • Incorrect method call in Match Georeference task view

  • Display of misspellings on taxon name relationships

  • Femenine and neuter names ending in '-or' not being accepted (#1575)

  • Spinner not disabled when entering malformed URIs in Manage Controlled Vocabulary task form (#1561)

  • “–None–” results obscuring buttons until clicking off the record (#1558)

0.12.6 - 2020-06-12



  • Matrix observation filters

  • Full backtrace in exception notification

  • count and several other basic default units to Descriptors #1501

  • Basic Observation::Continuous operators

  • Linked new Descriptor form to Task - New descriptor


  • Updated node packages and changed webpacker configuration

  • Progress on fix for #1420: CoLDP - Name element columns only getting populated for not valid names

  • Made TaxonNameClassification scopes more specific to allow citation ordering (refs #1040)


  • Minor fix in observation matrix dashboard

  • Potential fix for PG::TRDeadlockDetected when updating taxon name-related data

0.12.5 - 2020-06-08


  • Default unit selector for sample character in New Descriptor task (#1533)

  • 'None' option for unit selector in Matrix Row Encoder task

  • New Descriptor units


  • Updated websocket-extensions node package

  • Optimized smart selector refresh

  • Improved removal error message when source is still in use by some project


  • Language selector backend bug

  • Sort by page on Citations by Source task (#1536)

  • Removed duplicate destroy on project sources controller

0.12.4 - 2020-06-05


  • Pagination on New Observation Matrix task

  • Hyperlink to Observation Matrices Dashboard task on New Observation Matrix task (#1532)

  • New deletion warning messages on New Observation Matrix task


  • Renamed New Matrix task to New Observation Matrix

  • Citations are now saved without locking on New Taxon Name task

  • Updated gems (bundle update without altering Gemfile)

  • Several optimizations on recently used objects retrieval for smart selectors


  • Loosing input page numbers when switching tabs on New Taxon Name task

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